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Reuben Kigame is a household name around the world, but especially Africa. He is a scholar, Christian apologist, author, broadcaster, motivational speaker, youth mentor, music performer and producer.

Sifa Voices

Sifa Voices is a renowned Kenyan gospel music group that is among the most popular gospel bands in Africa. The band was founded by Reuben Kigame in 1996 and has produced over a dozen music albums.

Kigame Music Academy

Mision-To fill Africa and the Diaspora with skilled musicians and artists who use music and the arts to positively transform the lives of people in the society.Core Values-skill, excellence, aesthetics, honesty, humility, hard work, and Godliness

Living Water Studios

At Living Water Studio, we: – Produce and Promote Creative Works in Music, Poetry, Theatre Arts, Research, e.t.c. guided by our Director Mr. Reuben Kigame Identify, nature and popularize creative works by upcoming youth and veterans


Kigame has written over a dozen papers and articles, here is a few exaples. You can see more articles by visiting the our blog section.

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