I have been told over and over again that I should show the way once I have a prompting! I am taking the challenge. We shall not wait. I know many of us are praying already.

But tomorrow, Thursday, 18th April, is the day. And we don’t have to be at an Uhuru Park to talk to God.

So, if you believe the words of 2 Chronicles 7:13-14, read them again, slowly, and then let’s set tomorrow apart to stand in the gap on behalf of the nation and the Lord, the God of Elijah, who brought the rain down after three years in his day, and who brought down fire on Mount Carmel, will hear us. He is the same, yesterday, today and forever.

We shall start corporate prayer at midnight today and into tomorrow. … And we will not only cry to God for rain, but also for a cleanup – a literal mop up of evil within our nation.

We are used to complaining; believers and all alike. But are we ready for this prayer mop up? We have pointed fingers and, yes, our leaders are corrupt, but are we clean before the Lord ourselves? Are we really ready for this prayer mobilization or will it sweep you along? Are you blaming the leaders for destroying the environment but you do the same? Do you blame people for stealing millions or billions but you are guilty of thousands or hundreds you have taken illegally?

Are you blaming pastors and bishops but you have abdicated responsibility as the pastor and shepherd of your own home? … Have you been faithful in your dealings and at work?

We will pray, among other things, for the following:

1. For God to forgive us individually for personal and corporate sin and especially for sinning against Him individually and as a nation.
2. For His hand to move in every government and private sector office and REMOVE from position anyone causing the stagnation of Kenya, anyone who is looting the economy, anyone who has been making Kenyans poor through exploitation and corruption, anyone signing destructive, selfish deals that are destroying this country … anyone making children orphans and killing to make anyone a widow or widower.
3. We will pray that God punishes every illegal business, completely thunders from heaven against drug dealers and meets them Himself head-on, does something about those killing unborn children for gain or malice, … all those passing legislations that destroy, anyone planning evil …
4. We will pray against false prophets, false teachers, those coning people in the name of God, those using media to swindle, corrupt lawyers and judges, those who propagate filth in the media, those promoting pornography and other perversions, etc.
5. We will pray that God prevents everyone who is against righteousness from entering government and should they enter or if they are in, for Him to remove them. … yes we will pray this and let Him act on our behalf.
6. We will pray for the prosperity of Kenya, the healing of the economy, the reward of hard work and sacrifice, the return of Godly values, the respect for the truth, for justice and fairness.
7. We will pray against God-haters and people-haters. We will pray against every power and dominion that is lifted against God.
8. We will pray for the Church to grow and to embrace evangelism and sound teaching.
9. We will pray for rain, but also pray against destructive floods. We will pray for God to give us right people in office and good planners. …
We don’t have to go to a stadium tomorrow, but we will go whenever a thanksgiving or national one is called. Pray before you leave home, pray before you start work at the office, pray during your lunch break, pray after work. For late sleepers like me, pray before going to bed as well. If you can kesha for some hours, pray. If you are an early riser, pray. You can pray as you drive; just don’t close your eyes. You can pray in the matatu quietly or as you travel long distance on the bus or shuttle. You can fast a favourite meal or more and spend that time praying in order to communicate to God that hearing from Him or He doing something for us is more important than that meal. Ask a colleague or friend to join you if you can. Let us pray indeed.

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