By Daniel Mwikya

My name is Daniel Mwikya. I am one of the many spiritual sons of Mr. Kigame. I also volunteer at Kigame Media as an online content manager which includes ensuring that he gets to read all your comments in the midst of his busy schedule. Some of you ask how he reads. As someone who works with him I can tell you a lot but he actually uses software called JAWS (or Job access with speech) from Freedom Scientific to read.

Many of you do not know it but Papa or dad as many of us like to call him does not ignore anything or anyone. I really wish we had many more people in the church like him who listen to people so well and creates time for them no matter what.

Today however I want to ask you to join me in using Social Media to support papa. It looks big and hard but it is not. If you did not know, just by watching his videos on Kigame Media TV on YouTube ( you will be supporting him financially because the more we watch the more he can earn something through what is called “Google AdSense.” But you have to watch the videos to the end, but also do not skip the advertisement because it is the ads that bring in the cents per view. When you skip the ad then you are reducing what papa can be paid.

I also want to encourage you to think about which Skiza tunes you have for people to hear when they call you. If you do not have any of papa’s songs as your Skiza tune, you can dial 811 on your Safaricom line and then select the one you want. I will post below a list of the songs that are on Skiza that are done by papa. If you subscribe to the Skiza tune, you will be supporting him also. You can also buy his books or music by ordering them using his office line, 0721-971971 or going to his website ( and clicking on the song or book you want to buy.

I know we love songs like Enda Nasi and Huniachi. Instead of downloading these songs, why not view them on his channel when you are online. If you subscribe to his channel you support him. Again, we are the ones who can make these songs big and to have many views. For example today if you view Enda Nasi, we can easily make the song to reach one million views and maybe make Huniachi to go to four million and higher. Please encourage your friends and join me to make papa really big in our times.

Skiza Codes


  1. Simba Nguruma Code 7396155
  2. Usifadhaike Code 7396156
  3. Enda Nasi Code – 7010078
  4. Ombi Langu Code – 7010102
  5. Huniachi Code – 7396151
  6. Africa Receive Your King Code – 8632924
  7. Sababu Elfu Kumi Code -7396154
  8. Oh Jesus Code – 7326066
  9. Nitumie Lugha Gani Code – 7396153
  10. Nijifiche Wapi Code – 7396152
  11. Wastahili Code – 7182606
  12. Sweet Bunyore Code – 7182605
  13. Vita Vizuri Code – 711130799
  14. Home for Christmas Code – 711130798
  15. Bwana ni Mchungaji Wangu –  8567252
  16. Bwana Ni Nuru Yangu –  8567253
  17. Bwana Vuta –  8567254
  18. Fadhili Zake Ni Za Milele –  8567255
  19. Faida Tele –  8567256
  20. Hakuna Kama Yesu –  8567257

 21.Hapana Jina Jingine –  8567258

  1. Heri Masikini Wa Roho –  8567259
  2. Heri Siku Moja –  8567260
  3. Huniongoza Mwokozi –  8567261
  4. I Feel Love Flowing –  8567262
  5. I Have A Dream –  8567263
  6. Itakufaidi Nini –  8567264
  7. Mataifa Yote –  8567265
  8. Mikononi Mwa Yesu –  8567266
  9. Mungu Mtakatifu –  8567267
  10. Mwathani Ndeithia –  8567268
  11. Njoo Sasa –  8567269
  12. Si Njia Rahisi –  8567270
  13. Sina Mungu Mwingine –  8567271
  14. Why Kill Tonight –  8567272

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