About Kigame Media

At Kigame Media we:

  • Produce and Promote Creative Works in Music, Poetry, Theatre Arts, Research, e.t.c. guided by our Director Mr. Reuben Kigame
  • Identify, nature and popularize creative works by upcoming youth and veterans
  • Create, package and produce commercials and other forms of advertisement on behalf of individuals, agencies and companies at our ultra-modern audiovisual studios in Eldoret  and can send them anywhere in the world at the click of the button
  • Develop broadcast content that is clean for the entire family and society at large
  • Stream creative works by Mr. Kigame, his friends and associates
  • House various ministries by Mr. Kigame including his music, sermons, essays, papers and broadcasts, like Kigame Music Academy, Living Water Studios and Reuben Kigame Centre For Christian Aplogetics
  • Offer resources, counselling and other forms of support to help new or struggling believers in Christ to grow in their faith
  • Connect you with Mr. Reuben Kigame in the shortest and most effective way by ensuring that he gets any message from you as our client and response in the shortest time possible despite his busy schedule
  • Process Mr. Kigame’s Itinerary including Music concerts, public speaking and other relevant invitations.

Kigame Media covers the following semi-autonomous brands:

  • Reuben Kigame
  • Sifa Voices
  • Kigame Music Academy
  • Living Water Studios